Nashra has the needed perspective that D74 needs to gain a better sight of what it takes to be a student in today’s age and time. Being an elder sister of a graduate and current student of District 74, Nashra understands what the students need in order to succeed during and after their experience at D74. Nashra will go to great lengths to ensure that the future of our children is prepared for whatever may come our way. Nashra aspires to represent every family in Lincolnwood during her time on the board.

As a District 74 school board member, she will

  • Prioritize the success of ALL students
    • ENSURE that no student is left behind. Nashra will make sure that special education at D74 is always prioritized and will always have the resources needed to succeed. Nashra hopes for a smooth transition for ALL students.
    • WORK to make sure that graduating classes of D74 are prepared for high school and excel during their time there.
    • AIM to make sure to make up for the learning loss experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • GIVE teachers the support and resources they need in order to prepare our students.
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy environment
    • PROVIDE the best resources in reach for good mental health for all students and teachers. Nashra believes that mental health ties very closely to the vitality and safety of schools and will work to make sure that it prioritized.
    • PRIORITIZE safety. Nashra will continue on improving safety at D74 and make sure that the students are always accounted for and protected.
    • IMPROVE the experience of all students, teachers, and parents.